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SNP Information
Upstream SNPsZ253
Discovery date30 March 2011

L554 is a SNP at position 13532171 on the Y-chromosome. The ancestral allele at this position is A, whereas the L554+ allele is G. L554 was discovered during WTY testing of a person whose paternal ancestry is from southern England.

As of 7 July 2013, L554 has been found in four families, with surnames Brown, Perry, Pike and Wilcox. Their Y STRs can be viewed in the L554 Project.

Based on the off-modal STRs of these L554+ men, some combination of the following markers might be characteristic for carriers of L554:

L21 Modal
Possible STR Profile for L554
DYS 390 24 25
DYS 460 11 10
DYS 487 13 14
DYS 534 15 16 or 17

The following off-modal markers have also been found in several (but not all) known L554+ samples:

L21 Modal
Possible STR Profile for L554
DYS 389i 13 14
DYS 437 15 14
DYS 439 12 11
DYS 442 12 13
DYS 456 16 15
DYS CDY pair 36-38 a large gap, such as 34-40 or 35-40

L554 was added to the ISOGG Y-SNP Tree on 30 September 2011.

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