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Welcome to the L21Plus wiki!

L21Plus is a wiki for people interested in a special field of genetic genealogy related to a SNP called L21 found in the R haplotree of the Y chromosome. The L21plus wiki aims to gather and organize information related to the L21 SNP and all sideby and downstream SNPs.

This wiki was started as a possible tool for everybody interested in L21. Time will show if it is a success or not. :)

Are you L21+?

If you are L21+ and have tested with Family Tree DNA, please join the L21 project as it will help with the research of L21. If you are interested in taking a more active part or learning more about L21, please join the L21 Yahoo! group. This wiki is mainly based on the work done in that group.

Want to do more tests?

Here is a guide on further testing.

Some resources on this wiki

Want to help?

If you want to help expand this wiki, please send an email to with a desired username, and you will get access.

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